Media General to ‘Watch Ghana’ as staff watch SideChic Gang on March 28

As part of its Ghana Month celebration aimed at portraying the Ghanaian culture, staff of Media General, operators of TV3, 3FM, Onua fm, Connect fm, Akoma fm and will be treated to latest OldFilm Production movie ‘SideChic Gang’.

The movie will be shown at TV3 Executive Theatre on Wednesday March 28 as staff get treated to a cinema experience as they watch the Ghanaian produced movie.

Media General has dedicated the month of March to Wear Ghana, Know Ghana, Eat Ghana and Watch Ghana, all aimed at projecting Ghana in all means possible.

‘Sidechic Gang’ tells the story of three female friends who decided to make fortunes from exposing cheating husbands and boyfriends.

The three friends quit their ushering job to set up a gang, an agency dedicated to clamping down on the side chick menace.

After a few deals, the gang becomes popular, attracting traffic from victims of side chicks with their greatest opposition being the aggrieved men who benefit from these side chicks.

As to whether or not the ‘Sidechic Gang’ will succeed, Staff of Media General will find out next Wednesday.

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