The Media General Group has partnered with Tetra Tech, a global leading provider of consulting, engineering, and technical services, on a campaign to promote positive social and behaviour change among fisherfolk, to maximize voluntary compliance of Ghana’s fisheries laws.

Tetra Tech is implementing the Feed the Future Ghana Fisheries Recovery Activity funded by USAID Ghana. The organisation is spearheading a campaign to create more awareness against illegal unreported and unregulated fishing activities in Ghana. According to Chief of Tetra Tech Heather D’Agnes; “We signed an MOU with Tv3 for one year of partnership to really influence the way people see their fish, their fisheries and what needs to happen to improve them. So, our project is about recovery, and what recovery means is that they are too many fish coming out of the sea, so we need to make sure that they’re enough staying in the sea so that they can recover and be here for the long-term for the countries food and economic support.”

The campaign will also tackle the menace of child trafficking and gender-based violence. Communication specialist of Tetra Tech, Perfectual Labik said; “The unique thing about this project is the fact that we are empowering communities to take action because there is a social and behavioural change aspect that is very integral to implementing project activities. So, communities and fisherfolk are empowered to influence other fishers to adopt responsible fishing practices, to reduce genderbased violence, to end child labour and trafficking, and purchase hygienically cut fish.”

The General Manager, 3Group Francis Doku, on behalf of Media General Group, pledged the support of the group to propagate this through its media outlets.

“This is just one of the many things we’ve been doing over the years the Ghana fisheries recovery activity is partnering with us to bring some behavioural and attitudinal changes to different communities. So, we’re going to use our platforms to propagate this message”, he said.

Media General will, during the year-long partnership, deploy its various media platforms including digital, television and radio, to deliver the desired outcomes of the campaign.

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