The month of March is being celebrated nationwide as Ghana Month because it coincides with the country’s independence celebration marked every March 6.

During the month of March, Media General goes on a month-long campaign to protect our country’s history, indigenous products, and services as well as celebrate our rich, unique, and distinctive cultural heritage.

Owurako Ampofo and Cookie Tee on the Newday show

This year is no different, Media General is celebrating Ghana Month through distinct programming on all platforms across Ghana and through staff-driven activations.

Throughout the month, selected shows on radio and television will greatly feature Ghanaian culture and content including live band music, Ghanaian fashion, proverbs, folklore, legends, and food.

 Iconic Ghanaian movies such as ‘I told you so’ and exciting cultural programming will feature across Media General platforms; TV3, Onua TV, 3FM, Onua FM, Connect FM in Takoradi, Akoma FM in Kumasi, and

Every Friday, Media General Staff will be treated to traditional local beverages – Sobolo, Asana, L’armugine, and snacks such as Nkate cake, Poloo, Agbele Kaklo, Kubetofe, Adunle, and Adaakwa as they turn up to work in their indigenous and cultural attire. Join Media General Celebrate Ghana this March!

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