Focus Areas

We partner with organizations and non-profits in Ghana and beyond to fund health care delivery for vulnerable individuals in Ghana with a specific focus on health care support for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our ambition is to become the leading vehicle for public and crowdfunding health care support for African children.



Every year over 7,000 children are born with hole-in-heart conditions. Half of them lose their lives before their first birthday and the other half are at risk without corrective surgeries. Unfortunately, the cost of the surgery is far beyond the means of the average Ghanaian family.

Think Heart, Save a Child is a multi-year partnership with the MTN Foundation to fund corrective surgeries for children born with hole-in-heart conditions.

Beneficiaries must be between the ages of 0-12 years.




We support initiatives that promote effective teaching and learning in basic schools across the country. From infrastructure projects to teaching and learning aids, we invest in the future of tomorrow’s leaders.

The initiatives we support include:

My New Sole

Through this initiative, we provide footwear for underprivileged pupils in deprived communities across the country in partnership with organizations and non-profits.

3 Foundation back to School

Our back-to-school initiative provides school supplies such as exercise and reading books, bags, and learning aids to deprived schools and pupils across the country at the beginning of the school year.



Community Development

We promote and support initiatives that empower and enrich the lives of our audience and local communities across the country.

Initiatives we support include:

Let There Be Light

This initiative is a direct response to:

Their streets our response to reduce the crime rate in Ghana is directly associated with non-existent and non-functioning street lights across several communities in Accra.