Onua 95.1 MHz

Onua Fm 95.1 was officially launched on the 16th of January, 2016 at Kasoa in the central region. We are a mass-market community-focused radio business. Onua Fm serves the best mix of current affairs and social issues on YENSEMPA breakfast show and OFIE NE FIE afternoon drive daily.

In keeping with our tag line, “Yedwene wo ho”(we think about you), Onua Fm, the sibling that cares, intentionally shares with its audience information and solutions to community/people challenges as caring siblings do. 

Our Cooperate Social Responsibility dubbed ‘Boafo Yʒ Na’ is one, of many,  that makes us a solution-oriented/community-centered local radio business. Currently, Onua Fm covers the whole of Greater Accra region, part of Central, Eastern, and part of Volta regions.

Our Programmes