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The 3 Foundation

The 3 Foundation is the Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility management structure for Media General — responsible for the overall strategy and execution of all CSR activities for the Group.

The Foundation is committed to enriching lives and empowering Ghanaians across the country with interventions in health, education and community development. Established in 2015, as a separate legal entity with its own independent Board of Directors, the 3 Foundation continues to play a leading role in enriching the lives of hundreds of Ghanaian across the country.

The 3 Foundation’s activities and interventions are funded mostly from partnerships and support from corporate organizations, development agencies and the general public as well as matched funding from Media General. You can donate to support the Foundation’s work here.


To be the reference point for sustainability and corporate social investment in Ghana and beyond.


To enrich the lives of Ghanaians through sustainably implemented community investment initiatives.

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