3Foundation has launched an appeal for funds to support Baby Michael Egle’s series of surgeries.

3 Foundation has launched an appeal for funds to support Baby Michael Egle’s series of surgeries aimed at restoring his neurological functions, reducing the size of his head, and enhancing his facial appearance. The surgeries are also aimed at restoring his brain cells and full neuro-cognitive functions, fixing his skull, and undergoing facial reconstruction for minimal scarring.

Six-month-old Baby Michael Egle is suffering from hydrocephalus – A condition in which fluid accumulates in the brain, enlarging the head and sometimes causing brain damage. Consequently, Baby Mike suffers from Encephalocele – a sac-like protrusion or projection of the brain and the membranes that cover it through an opening in the skull. Encephalocele happens when the neural tube does not close completely during pregnancy.

Through 3 Foundation and your generous donations, Baby Mike has gone through the first two surgeries successfully. He however needs to undergo a series of  other surgeries to give baby mike an opportunity to live and to impact society positively

3Foundation continued to appeal to all to support Baby Mike’s surgery. Kindly send your donation to 3Foundation through our MTN Mobile Money Number 0597433110 or Merchant ID number 120494 with reference Baby Mike and or Zenith Bank account number:  6010603927 with Account Name: 3 Foundation and or www.mediageneralgh.com/3Foundation-donation

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