It was a moment of joy and hope when 3 Foundation presented a cheque official of the Focus Orthopedic Hospital on behalf of Adalia Doe. Adalia Doe, a 15-year-old first-year Senior High school student of St. Roses Senior High School was diagnosed with an acute distortion of her spine known in medical terms as adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Adalia requires corrective surgery, lack of which will expose her to the risk of heart and lung failure, loss of urine and fecal matter control, and paralysis.

The presentation was held at the FOCOS Hospital, a medical facility that specializes in optimal surgical and non-surgical care for patients with disabling musculoskeletal disorders including complex spine deformities and pediatric orthopedic problems. Adalia and her parents who witnessed the presentation were thrilled at the prospect of her upcoming surgery and recovery. Adalia’s parents expressed their gratitude for 3 Foundation’s support which has given them hope for their daughter’s health and future.; “this is the moment we’ve been waiting for because we want her to get well and it has happened today, we are so grateful and we really appreciate it. We know, with this, she will get better.”

The cheque presentation was a significant milestone in Adalia’s journey to recovery. With financial support from 3Foundation, she would be able to undergo corrective surgery successfully and start her rehabilitation process, and return to school to continue her education.

The presentation was a powerful reminder of the impact that 3 Foundation makes in saving and enriching the lives of people. Through the generosity of well-meaning Ghanaians, 3 Foundation, has helped to transform the life of Adalia and given her a new lease on life. The cheque presentation serves as an inspiration to others to join in the effort to support those in need and make a difference.

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